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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates one or more semiautomatic machines to buff silver or stainless steel flatware between cloth or felt rolls to impart mirrorlike finish: Mounts buffing rolls in machine holders, using wrenches.

  • 2) Turns adjustment wheel and observes pressure dial to set distance between rolls.

  • 3) Turns setscrews and stop nuts to adjust motion of machine table.

  • 4) Starts rollers, turns valve, and depresses pedal to spray buffing compound across rolls or pulls bar-mounted stick of compound across them.

  • 5) Squeezes handles to open jaws of holding fixture and grip ends of workpieces racked in position on racking table.

  • 6) Inserts and locks fixture in sleeves of machine table, with blades, tines, bowls, or handles of workpieces inserted between buffing rolls.

  • 7) Starts machine that closes rolls on workpieces, rocks machine bed up and down and side to side to ensure complete buffing, separates rolls, and retracts machine bed after completion of preset time cycle.

  • 8) Inspects luster of workpieces and adjusts pressure of rolls or changes rolls to buff flatware to desired finish.

  • 9) May position workpieces in racks on racking table.

  • 10) May dump buffed flatware from racks onto conveyor for inspection.

  • 11) May dip ends of workpieces in buffing paste.




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