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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls equipment to clean and grind whole grain for use in production of distilled liquors: Inspects carloads of whole grain to detect presence of harmful insects, such as weevils and grain beetles.

  • 2) Collects sample of grain from each carload for laboratory analysis.

  • 3) Records number of boxcar from which each sample is taken.

  • 4) Pumps whole grain from boxcars to storage tanks or hopper of cleaning machine, using air-conveyor chutes.

  • 5) Starts automatic cleaning machine that blows and sifts foreign particles, such as dirt, twigs, and stones from whole grain and conveys clean grain to storage tank for further processing.

  • 6) Pumps clean grain from storage tank into hopper balanced on scale and records weight of grain before dumping into grinding machine.

  • 7) Starts grinding machine, and regulates flow of grain from hopper.

  • 8) Pumps ground meal from grinding machine into scale-hopper to compute and record difference in weight of grain before and after grinding.

  • 9) Pumps ground meal into meal tank for further processing.

  • 10) Signals MILLER HELPER, DISTILLERY to connect air-conveyor chutes to pumps and storage tanks, clean or change screens on cleaning machine, stop and start pumps, conveyors, and machines, and lubricate moving parts of machines and equipment.

  • 11) Makes minor repairs and adjustments to pumps, air-conveyor chutes, and machines.

  • 12) May be designated according to specific duties as Grain Miller; Grain-Cleaner-And-Transfer Operator.




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