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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following duties to assist METAL FABRICATOR in fabricating and assembling boilers and steel plate vessels, such as tanks and vats: Tends machines, such as drill press, punch press, and boring mill to drill, punch, and ream metal stock for boiler parts.

  • 2) Tends power shears to cut plate to size and shape.

  • 3) Grinds welded joints, seams, and other irregular areas to smooth boiler surfaces, using portable and pedestal grinders.

  • 4) Wraps blanket of spun glass around shell to insulate boiler and tacks blanket to shell surface, using stud welding gun.

  • 5) Operates sandblasting machine to clean tank surfaces prior to painting or coating.

  • 6) Moves and positions materials at work site with help of other workers, using overhead bridge crane or dolly.

  • 7) Removes casing, grates, and grate rigging from boiler prior to repair of boiler and reassembles them after repair, using handtools.

  • 8) Performs other duties described under HELPER Master Title.




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End Of Job Description for: "METAL FABRICATOR HELPER"
DOT:   619.685-066

Job Number: 6416