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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates sewing machine to repair defects, such as tears and holes in garments, linens, curtains, draperies, and blankets: Patches, darns, or reweaves holes or tears in garments, curtains, or linens, and resews ripped seams.

  • 2) Sews fringe, tassels, and ruffles onto drapes and curtains.

  • 3) Sews buttons and trimming on garments after they have been cleaned.

  • 4) Operates sewing machine to restitch or replace binding ribbon on edge of blankets.

  • 5) May cut curtains to specified measurements and hem edges.

  • 6) May shorten or lengthen hems to alter size of garments.

  • 7) May replace pockets in coats or trousers.

  • 8) May sew identifying labels and emblems on uniforms, linens, or diapers for linen supply or diaper service.

  • 9) May repair defective stitching on articles.

  • 10) May be designated according to type of article sewn as Sewer, Linen Room or machine used as Darning-Machine Operator.

  • 11) May examine lace webbing for defects and be designated Examiner-Mender.

  • 12) Performs duties as described under SEWING-MACHINE OPERATOR, REGULAR EQUIPMENT Master Title.




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