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Job Description:

  • 1) Repairs medical equipment, such as manual or powered wheelchairs, hospital beds, and suction equipment, using knowledge of equipment function and handtools: Test operates and examines malfunctioning equipment to determine cause of malfunction.

  • 2) Disassembles and inspects equipment to locate defective components, such as motors, valves, and electrical controls, using test instruments and handtools.

  • 3) Replaces defective parts, and solders, tightens, and aligns parts which have become loose or out of adjustment, using handtools and soldering iron.

  • 4) Cleans, lubricates, and polishes equipment components to restore surface, using solvent, polish, rags, and grease gun.

  • 5) Test operates unit to ensure equipment functions according to manufacturer's specifications.

  • 6) Occasionally installs modified parts, such as respirator equipment or foot rest, onto wheelchairs, according to customer specification, and fills parts orders from customers.




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