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Job Description:

  • 1) Electroplates phonograph record matrices to form metal replicas of positive and negative recorded surfaces, and to form stamper used in pressing phonograph records: Inserts silver-coated lacquer disk in rubber masking ring to prevent plating of specified surfaces, such as edges of disk.

  • 2) Hangs disk in tanks containing plating solutions, such as nickel and copper or inserts disk over centering pin of automatic plating tanks to form negative metal master matrix of disk.

  • 3) Observes dials and gauges to ensure solutions and electric current flowing through solutions conform to specifications, and adjusts controls as required.

  • 4) Removes plated disk from tanks after specified time, removes masking ring, washes and dries disk, and routes disk to finishing department for stripping and finishing process by MATRIX WORKER.

  • 5) Washes master matrix after finishing process to prevent adhesion during subsequent plating processes.

  • 6) Plates master matrix to form mother matrix and plates mother to form stamper used on record presses, following prescribed plating procedures.

  • 7) May prepare and test plating solutions.




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Job Number: 6337