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Job Description:

  • 1) Marks sewing guides on garments or material, using chalk, crayon, or pencil, to facilitate further sewing operations, by any of following methods: Measures specified distance from edge or reference point on article, using ruler or tape measure, and marks sewing guides for position of buttons, buttonholes, snap or gripper fasteners, hems, cuffs, buckram, crinoline, or other trimmings.

  • 2) Turns screws to set chalk holders in position along horizontal bar of lever-type marking device, according to size of garment.

  • 3) Positions garment on table beneath bar and depresses pedal or moves lever to lower bar that marks position of buttonhole or buttons.

  • 4) Aligns weave and print of adjacent edges of garment parts, following markings, and marks sewing guidelines.

  • 5) Positions pattern on garment and marks around pattern, or lays transfer paper on stack of garments beneath lever-type marker and lowers marker to transfer sewing guides to material.

  • 6) May trim excess material from hemlines, using scissors.

  • 7) May place buttons in garment pocket.

  • 8) May be designated according to marking objective as Button-Buttonhole Marker; Hem Marker; Matcher; Pocket Marker.




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