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Job Description:

  • 1) Repairs and maintains boats and similar vessels in marine service facility: Examines repair or installation orders, drawings, and vessel, utilizing knowledge based on past experience to determine extent of repairs required or modifications necessary for installation of equipment, accessories, and hardware.

  • 2) Consults with supervisor regarding installation or repair problems, sequence of operations, and time required to complete repair or installation.

  • 3) Removes vessels from water, using movable lift crane or marine railway.

  • 4) Positions and secures blocking at bottom and sides of vessels according to size, weight, and weight distribution of vessels, using fasteners, handtools, and power tools.

  • 5) Removes flaked paint, barnacles, and encrusted debris from hulls of vessel, using scrapers, scrubbers, power washers, and sandblast equipment.

  • 6) Removes damaged or rotted sections from wooden or fiberglass vessels, using drill, saw, and handtools.

  • 7) Fabricates and installs wooden replacement parts, using drawings, measuring instruments, work aids, handtools, power tools, and woodworking machines and equipment, such as saws, drill press, shaper, planer, and steam cabinet.

  • 8) Caulks wooden hulls with cotton to prevent leaks.

  • 9) Grinds and sands edges around removed fiberglass sections.

  • 10) Mixes fiberglass bonding resin and catalyst, cuts fiberglass cloth to size, and impregnates cloth with mixture.

  • 11) Positions layers of impregnated cloth over damaged area, and smooths area to match contour of hull, using rollers, squeegee, and power sander.

  • 12) Mixes and applies paint or gel coat to boats with hand and spray equipment, utilizing knowledge of color mixing, matching techniques, and application procedures.

  • 13) Tests engine, transmission, rigging, propeller, navigational, and related systems to diagnose malfunctions, using various measuring instruments.

  • 14) Replaces or repairs defective components, or fabricates new components.

  • 15) Installs and tests steering gear, sanitation and refrigeration systems, cabinetry, electrical systems and accessories, hardware, trim, and related components, following manufacturer's instructions and drawings.




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