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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests pulverized material and computes specific gravity, using manometer tube: Collects mill samples, weighs specified amount of pulverized material, and pours it into cylinder and taps powder into compact mass.

  • 2) Raises mercury level in left side of manometer tube by pumping air into right side, using hand pump.

  • 3) Inserts cylinder of pulverized material into top of left tube.

  • 4) Releases air pressure from right side and times drop of mercury level in left side, using stopwatch.

  • 5) Computes specific surface of material, using standard algebraic formula.

  • 6) Reports below-standard reading to mill operator.

  • 7) May test milled sample of aluminum alloy to identify metals in sample and be designated Quantometer Operator.




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End Of Job Description for: "MANOMETER TECHNICIAN"
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Job Number: 6254