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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls equipment to prepare chemical constituents of synthetic rubber for synthesis by other workers, following formulas and maintaining reactions within prescribed limits: Weighs solid materials according to formula, using scale.

  • 2) Pumps liquid chemicals to metering or weigh tanks.

  • 3) Observes thermometer and recording instruments, and moves heater controls to attain specified temperature in system.

  • 4) Starts agitator and opens valves to regulate admission of chemical agents into mixing tanks in prescribed sequence.

  • 5) Dumps solid materials into tanks to complete reaction.

  • 6) Draws samples of solution for laboratory analysis and titrates sample to determine concentration and facilitate control of materials flow for attainment of product meeting plant standard.

  • 7) Tends auxiliary equipment, such as colloid mills, melt tanks, scrubbers, and homogenizers, to prepare or further process emulsions and dispersions.

  • 8) Regulates flow of rubber constituents to storage or rubber-synthesis areas, according to schedule or indicated plant needs.

  • 9) Maintains records of materials and supplies, shift production, process times and temperatures, and gauge readings for operating log or inventory records.

  • 10) May receive and store materials.

  • 11) May tend tank farm containing liquid chemicals.

  • 12) May clean, inspect, and recharge equipment with materials, such as soda ash or calcium chloride.

  • 13) May be designated according to substance prepared as Emulsion Operator; Persulfate Make-Up Operator; or equipment unit operated as Chlorobutadiene-Scrubber Operator.




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