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Job Description:

  • 1) Erects and tests machinery and heavy equipment, such as hydraulic turbines, turbine wheels, jaw stone crushers, industrial surface condensers, flaking machines, valves, and mine hoists, according to blueprints and specifications, using handtools, heating equipment, and measuring instruments: Positions steel beams to support bedplates of machines and equipment.

  • 2) Levels bedplate and establishes centerline, using straightedge, levels, and transit.

  • 3) Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR to lower basic assembly unit, such as shaft, shaft casing, frame, or housing unit, to bedplate and aligns unit to centerline.

  • 4) Lays out mounting holes, using measuring instruments and drills holes with power drill.

  • 5) Bolts parts, such as side and deck plates, jaw plates, and journals, to basic assembly unit.

  • 6) Attaches moving parts and subassemblies, such as shafts, rollers, flywheels, runners, valves, gates, bearings, and bearing supports, to basic assembly unit, using handtools and power tools.

  • 7) Shrink-fits bushings, sleeves, rings, liners, gears, and wheels to specified items, using portable gas heating equipment.

  • 8) Inserts shims, adjusts tension on nuts and bolts, or positions parts, using handtools and measuring instruments to set specified clearances between moving and stationary parts.

  • 9) Connects power unit to machines, or steam piping to equipment, and tests unit to evaluate its mechanical operation.

  • 10) Replaces defective parts of machine or adjusts clearances and alignment of moving parts.

  • 11) Dismantles machinery and equipment for shipment to installation site.




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End Of Job Description for: "MACHINERY ERECTOR"
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Job Number: 6122