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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up various metal fabricating machines, such as brakes, shears, punch presses, bending and straightening machines, to cut, bend, and straighten metal as specified by layout, work order blueprints, and templates: Positions, aligns, and bolts dies, blades, bedplates, cushion pins, and stops, using shims and measuring tools, such as squares, straightedges, rules, micrometers, gauges, feelers, templates, and handtools.

  • 2) Adjusts flow of lubricants, pressure and depth of stroke, or feed of material, applying knowledge of thickness and properties of metal or according to standard specifications.

  • 3) Makes trial runs and measures workpiece for conformance to specifications.

  • 4) Instructs operator in special handling techniques.

  • 5) Clears jams and corrects malfunction of machines.

  • 6) Reports need for machine repairs to supervisor.

  • 7) Dismantles setups.

  • 8) May sharpen shear blades, drills, on cutting tools.

  • 9) May set up drill presses, flame cutting, and welding machines.

  • 10) May set up automatic or multipurpose machines.

  • 11) May specialize in setup of single type of machine and be designated accordingly as Brake Machine Setter.

  • 12) May set up machines common to sheet metal operations and be designated Machine Setter, Sheet Metal.




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