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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks, as member of crew of rotating machine on which plastic soles are molded onto presewn fabric uppers to form low top sport shoes: Holds nozzle of hose to sprue hole of mold and squeezes release on hose handle to fill space between mold and lasted shoe with liquid plastic.

  • 2) Releases lever to stop flow when plastic oozes from toe end of mold into catch pan.

  • 3) Passes insole between rollers to coat underside with latex cement and places it on tray of machine station to partially dry as it is carried one rotation around machine.

  • 4) Brushes sole inside molded shoe with latex cement for bonding with insole and sets on machine tray to dry.

  • 5) Pulls excess plastic from around molded sole, using pliers.

  • 6) Digs and removes plastic plug from sprue hole and excess deposit from toe pan, using pliers.

  • 7) Removes previously cemented insole and molded shoe from machine trays, inserts insole in shoe, and places shoe on adjacent table for pressing insole.

  • 8) Selects pair of right and left lasts according to size and style shoe being processed and sets on pins in machine table.

  • 9) Places shoes on lasts and pushes knobs to lower padded rams that press insoles into shoes.

  • 10) Removes shoes as rams automatically retract after preset time and pushes them along table.

  • 11) Examines shoes for such defects as loose stitching and off center or incomplete molding, and throws them into tote boxes, according to size and acceptance or rejection.

  • 12) Verifies color of shoe with color specified on box label.

  • 13) Removes smudges, using cloth moistened with naphtha or benzine.




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End Of Job Description for: "MACHINE-MADE-SHOE UNIT WORKER"
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Job Number: 6120