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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks involved in use of welding, flame cutting, and brazing machines and furnaces: Transfers workpieces, tools, and supplies.

  • 2) Inserts welding rods into holders, screws tips to torches, or places reels of wire onto rack and threads ends through feed rolls to help set up machine.

  • 3) Positions workpieces and fixtures, and clamps or bolts parts into bed of machine or onto conveyor.

  • 4) Removes corrosion, slag, grease, and excess flux from workpieces, using wire brush, scraper, vacuum hose, portable grinder, or chemical solution.

  • 5) Fills hoppers with flux or brushes flux and inserts braze or solder alloy along seams of workpiece.

  • 6) Turns handles or cranks to move workpieces through machine.

  • 7) Bolts portable machines to workpieces, using wrench.

  • 8) Removes finished work from machine with tongs, or hoist.

  • 9) Tags or marks identifying data on work pieces.

  • 10) Oils and cleans machines.

  • 11) May cut scrap to size, using hand torch.

  • 12) May be designated by machine as Brazer Helper, Furnace; Brazer Helper, Induction; Brazing-Machine-Operator Helper; Flame-Cutting-Machine-Operator Helper; Soldering-Machine-Operator Helper; Welding-Machine-Operator Helper, Arc; Welding-Machine-Operator Helper, Gas.




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DOT:   819.666-010

Job Number: 6095