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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machines that lubricate, granulate, and pelletize metallic powder: Pours specified amount of powder and lubricants into mixing machine.

  • 2) Starts machine that mixes powder with lubricants for specified length of time.

  • 3) Pours mixture into trays and places mixture in drying ovens.

  • 4) Dumps lubricated and dried powder into hopper of granulator-screener machine.

  • 5) Starts machine that granulates and screens powder.

  • 6) Pours screened powder into jars.

  • 7) Dumps specified amounts of lubricated and screened powder in glass pellet-rolling jars and screws covers on jars.

  • 8) Places jars on rack of rolling machine and starts machine that forms powder into pellets.

  • 9) Separates pellets according to size and places them in jars.




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End Of Job Description for: "LUBRICATOR-GRANULATOR"
DOT:   509.685-042

Job Number: 6068