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Job Description:

  • 1) Feeds and off bears macaroni containers on and off macaroni press, drier conveyors, and stick-handling equipment: Lays empty sticks on stick filler-feeder machine.

  • 2) Aligns out-of-line sticks moving along drier conveyor.

  • 3) Lifts sticks filled with moist macaroni into drier racks.

  • 4) Pushes racks into drying chambers.

  • 5) Fills, carries, and sets boxes of macaroni trimmings on drier shelves.

  • 6) Cleans and lubricates press and conveyor parts.

  • 7) May assist PRESS TENDER to install and remove macaroni press parts such as screw feeders, tubes and dies.




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End Of Job Description for: "LONG-GOODS HELPER, MACHINE"
DOT:   529.686-062

Job Number: 6045