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Job Description:

  • 1) Directs and coordinates program activities designed to provide subcontractors, management, and customers with logistics technology that ensures effective and economical support concerned for manufacturing or servicing of products, systems, or equipment: Analyzes contractual commitments, customer specifications, design changes, and other data to plan and develop logistic program activities from conceptual stage through life-cycle of product.

  • 2) Develops and implements program activities, coordinates efforts of subcontractors, production departments, and field service personnel, and resolves problems in area of logistics to ensure meeting of contractual commitments.

  • 3) Develops and initiates preparation of handbooks, bulletins, and information systems to provide and supply logistics support.

  • 4) Compiles data on standardization and interchangeability of parts to expedite logistics activities.

  • 5) Determines logistic support sequences and time phasing, problems arising from location of operational area, and other factors, such as environmental and human factors affecting personnel.

  • 6) May perform special research or technical studies critical to logistic support functions.

  • 7) May utilize computer techniques for analysis, simulation or information systems and documentation.




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