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Job Description:

  • 1) Loads logs onto trucks or railroad cars, performing any combination of following tasks: Hand signals directions for hoisting of trailer from truck chassis and positioning of truck for loading.

  • 2) Connects brake and electrical lines and trailer to truck.

  • 3) Positions railcars for loading, using power winch, pinchbar, and car hand brakes.

  • 4) Secures tongs, slings, or other attachment to log, guides loading of logs by hand and using hand signals, and releases attachments.

  • 5) Trims protruding limbs and knots, using ax and chain saw.

  • 6) Marks log with specified symbols, using paint spray can or branding hammer.

  • 7) Secures load with chains, cables, or steel straps.

  • 8) May roll logs up ramp and position logs on truck, using peavey or cant hook.

  • 9) May be designated according to type of loading equipment involved as Jammer Operator Helper; Grapple Operator Helper; or work location as Loader Helper, Sorting Yard.




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End Of Job Description for: "LOG LOADER HELPER"
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Job Number: 6027