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Job Description:

  • 1) Interviews applicants applying for mortgage loans: Interviews loan applicants to document income, debt, and credit history.

  • 2) Requests documents, such as income tax return, bank account number, purchase agreement, and property description, for verification.

  • 3) Determines if applicant meets establishment standards for further consideration, following manual and using calculator.

  • 4) Informs applicant of closing costs, such as appraisal, credit report, and notary fees.

  • 5) Answers applicant's questions and asks for signature on information authorization forms.

  • 6) Submits application forms to MORTGAGE LOAN PROCESSOR for verification of application information.

  • 7) Calls applicant or other persons to resolve discrepancies, such as credit report showing late payment history.

  • 8) Informs applicant of loan denial or acceptance.

  • 9) May visit establishments, such as branch banks, credit unions, real estate brokers, and builders, to promote mortgage service.

  • 10) May work on commission basis.




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