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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up battery of automatic machines to assemble primed shell bodies, powder, wads, and shot into complete shotgun shells: Replaces worn or broken machine parts, such as bushings, punches, crimpers, powder and shot chargers, hoppers, springs, and belts, using handtools.

  • 2) Examines samples of assembled shells for defects, such as incomplete crimping, tipped top wads, or blurred printing, and verifies shell length and diameter, using fixed gauges.

  • 3) Cuts open sample shells with knife to determine that components are assembled as specified.

  • 4) Diagnoses cause of defect and replaces worn parts or adjusts setscrews, stop nuts, knurled bolts, and wingnuts by trial and error until machine produces acceptable work.

  • 5) Dismantles machine to gain access to defective parts and to clear jams not removable by operator.

  • 6) Submits samples of first-run shells assembled after adjustment or changeover to ballistics for approval before releasing machine to operator.

  • 7) Takes charges of powder and shot from loading mechanisms and weighs them on grain scale to verify accuracy of charges.

  • 8) Turns knob to regulate charge to meet specifications.




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End Of Job Description for: "LOADING-MACHINE TOOL-SETTER"
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Job Number: 5989