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Job Description:

  • 1) Pumps liquid chemicals, liquid petroleum products, and other liquids into or from tank cars, trucks, or barges: Verifies tank car numbers with loading instructions to ensure accurate placement of cars by crew.

  • 2) Connects ground cable to carry off static electricity.

  • 3) Removes and replaces or gives directions to another worker to remove and replace dome caps, using wrenches.

  • 4) Inspects interior for cleanliness and exterior for leaks or damage.

  • 5) Swings loading spout over dome and turns valve to admit liquids to tank.

  • 6) Lowers gauge rod into tank or reads meter to verify specified volume of liquids loaded.

  • 7) Lowers sample bottle into tank for laboratory testing.

  • 8) Copies load specification on placard and tacks placard to tank.

  • 9) Seals outlet valves on car.

  • 10) When unloading cars, connects hose to outlet plugs on cars and attaches special dome, using wrenches.

  • 11) Starts pumps or turns valves to admit compressed air into tank car and force liquids into storage tanks.

  • 12) May test sample for specific gravity, using hydrometer, and record reading on loading slip.

  • 13) May clean interior of tank cars or tank trucks, using mechanical spray nozzle.

  • 14) May inspect rupture disc, vacuum relief valve, rubber gaskets on valves and cover plates, and replace defective parts, using wrenches.

  • 15) May pump nitrogen or compressed air into car to test for leaks.

  • 16) May be designated according to material loaded and unloaded as Acid Loader; Caustic Loader; Fats And Oils Loader.




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