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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates equipment that refines raw linseed oil for use in manufacture of paint, lacquers, white lead paste, and high-speed printing ink: Starts pump to transfer raw linseed oil from storage tank into refining tank, and starts agitator paddles.

  • 2) Opens valve to drain settled tar and foreign matter from tank.

  • 3) Opens tank steam valve to heat mixture.

  • 4) Sprays hot water over oil with hose to neutralize acid and allows water to settle.

  • 5) Opens valve to drain water from tank.

  • 6) Starts agitator paddles and adds dry neutralizing ingredients, such as whiting compound, powdered magnesia, and common salt.

  • 7) Observes material during refining process to determine if color and consistency meets standards, and removes sample for laboratory tests.

  • 8) Opens valve to permit oil to flow into storage tank.

  • 9) Sets thermostat and steam valve to maintain required temperature in storage tank.




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