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Job Description:

  • 1) Repairs and replaces transmission and distribution power lines between generating stations, substations, and consumers, requiring use of precautionary work methods and safety equipment due to electrical hazards present when working on or near energized conductors and electrical accessories: Opens switches or clamps grounding device to energized equipment to deenergize lines or accessories as directed by LINE SUPERVISOR.

  • 2) Climbs poles or rides in bucket attached to truck-mounted boom to remove broken or defective wires.

  • 3) Secures new wires to crossarm insulators and splices wire to adjoining sections of line to complete circuit.

  • 4) Transfers wires from defective poles to poles erected by GROUND HELPERS.

  • 5) Installs pole hardware and such auxiliary equipment as transformers, lightning arresters, switches, fuses, and insulators, using handtools.

  • 6) Suspends insulated ladders and platforms from pole crossarms and covers energized lines with rubber mats to facilitate safe handling of high-voltage lines without interrupting service by power shutoff, and uses long insulated poles fitted with mechanically or hydraulically operated grasping and crimping tools.

  • 7) May service streetlight systems.

  • 8) Qualifications of workers in this classification include work experience in terms of maximum voltage of power lines repaired, such as 120-240 volt secondary circuits, 2,300-4,000 volt distribution lines, or 138 kilovolt transmission lines.

  • 9) Power line repairers experienced in repair of energized or deenergized conductors suspended from electrically conductive metal towers, commonly one-hundred feet or more above ground, may be designated Line Repairer, Tower.




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