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Job Description:

  • 1) Seals hogsheads of tobacco prior to shipment or storage: Places prefabricated head in hogshead and climbs onto hogshead to press head down.

  • 2) Forces head into hogshead, using metal bar, body weight, and foot pressure.

  • 3) Positions metal band around top edge of hogshead, inserts ends of band into ratchet tool, and moves lever to tighten band.

  • 4) Secures band to hogshead, using clamps and crimping tool, or by inserting fasteners through perforations in band into hogshead.

  • 5) Bends end of band to break off excess band.

  • 6) Removes metal reinforcement from hogshead and rolls or pushes hogshead from work area.




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End Of Job Description for: "LINE-OUT WORKER II"
DOT:   920.687-114

Job Number: 5924