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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles molds for casting contact lenses, using handtools, and inspects cast lenses for conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments: Selects mold and mold inserts.

  • 2) Positions inserts in mold and shims inserts as indicated by mold insert records.

  • 3) Sets holding pins, using wrench, and routes mold to CONTACT-LENS MOLDER.

  • 4) Breaks seal on mold after casting and prys mold apart, using screwdriver and handpress.

  • 5) Peels lens and flashing from mold, using scalpel-like knife.

  • 6) Cuts lenses apart and places lenses in storage box.

  • 7) Inspects lenses, using power determining and optical centering instruments, thickness gauge, shadowgraph, and loupe magnifier, to verify correctness of characteristics, such as inside curve dimension and power, and to detect defects, such as scratches.

  • 8) Alters position of mold inserts to correct lens thickness, using shims.

  • 9) Cleans mold with solvent or routes mold to grinding room for polishing to eliminate defects.




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