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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends electric oven-type machine that hardens lenses used in safety eyeglasses, and tests hardness of lens, using steel-ball drop-test: Measures lens thickness with calipers to determine if lens meets thickness requirements for prescribed hardening.

  • 2) Positions lenses in holding fixture and pushes fixture into electric oven.

  • 3) Sets timer and temperature controls on oven according to chart specifications for prescribed hardness of lens.

  • 4) Removes lenses at end of cooling cycle, or places lenses in airflow to cool.

  • 5) Holds finished lens in polarized light fixture to detect defects produced by hardening.

  • 6) Places lens on bed of drop-test fixture and covers lens with cloth or plastic.

  • 7) Places steel ball of specified weight in release mechanism of fixture.

  • 8) Positions mechanism at specified distance from lens and releases ball.

  • 9) Discards broken lenses.




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