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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs one or more of following tasks to inspect glass and plastic lens blanks for defects: Removes paint and wax from blank with solvent and razor blade.

  • 2) Rinses blank in water.

  • 3) Examines surface and edges to detect defects, such as pits, scratches, and chips.

  • 4) Inspects blanks with polariscope to detect annealing defects, such as bubbles, striae, fire cracks, or seal checks.

  • 5) Marks defective blanks for rework or salvage, using crayon or pencil.

  • 6) Sorts blanks by grade and type of defect.

  • 7) Weighs lens blanks and records weight for determining shipping costs.

  • 8) May pack blanks in cartons for shipping.

  • 9) May gauge blanks.

  • 10) May assemble nonprecision optical element into mechanical housing.




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