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Job Description:

  • 1) Softens leather shoe parts by one of following methods: Places shoe parts, by case lots, on rack and pushes rack into humidifier.

  • 2) Turns valves to control heat and moisture in humidifier.

  • 3) Records rack number and time or date of placement in humidifier.

  • 4) Pushes rack of softened parts to other workers.

  • 5) Dips bundles of welt strips into water and places bundles in humidifying room to maintain moisture in strips.

  • 6) Places outsoles on rack, places rack on dipping frame, and lowers frame into trough of softener solution, using power hoist.

  • 7) Pushes rack of softened outsoles into humidifying room.

  • 8) Sprays softening solution on shoe parts, using spray gun.

  • 9) Pulls shoe part along roller that applies softening solution to part.

  • 10) Wipes flesh side of leather with dampened rag or sponge to maintain pliability.

  • 11) May place sheets of fiberboard or leatherboard in softening solution, place softened board on skid, and cover stack of boards with plastic sheet to retain moisture.

  • 12) May be designated according to part treated as Heel-Cover Softener; Sole Wetter; Upper Muller; Vamp Wetter; Welt Treater.




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