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Job Description:

  • 1) Fabricates fishing leaders from cable wire and synthetic fiber line: Attaches snaps, swivels, and other accessories to precut lengths of plastic- or nylon-coated cable wire, and secures ends of cable with plastic or nylon sleeves and adhesives.

  • 2) Forms loop in ends of precut lengths of stainless steel wire and wraps ends back around wire to secure them.

  • 3) Ties loop knots in centers and ends of precut lengths of line to facilitate attachment of weights or hooks.

  • 4) May coil completed leaders and attach them to display cards or insert them in plastic envelopes.

  • 5) May test tensile strength of leader material, using tensiometer.

  • 6) May attach precut length of line to fishhook in manner to facilitate attachment to line or lure and be designated Sneller, Hand.




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DOT:   732.687-038

Job Number: 5820