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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates lathe to wind compression, extension, and torsion springs of specified diameter, pitch, and length from wire or bar stock.

  • 2) Lifts roll of stock onto holding device, threads stock through guides, and clamps wire to arbor.

  • 3) Starts machine to revolve arbor until specified number of coils are wound, guiding coils by hand or using pitch tool.

  • 4) Cuts spring from stock, using shears, and reverses arbor direction to remove spring.

  • 5) Measures spring for conformance to specifications, using micrometers and gauges, and adjusts arbor and pitch tool to obtain specified product.

  • 6) Closes ends of springs, using mallet.

  • 7) Squares and flattens spring ends, using grinding machine.

  • 8) May adjust length and pitch of formed springs, using mallet and wedge.

  • 9) May wind wire springs, using hand-powered lathe, and be designated Spring Coiler, Hand.

  • 10) May be designated according to product as Flexible-Shaft Winder.




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End Of Job Description for: "LATHE WINDER"
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Job Number: 5761