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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates machines to shape and smooth shoe lasts to specified contour and size, performing any combination of following tasks: Cuts lathe centers from last turnings at specified point, using bandsaw or handsaw.

  • 2) Files toe area of last to specified contour outline drawn on bottom of last.

  • 3) Sands toe area with sandpaper or operates sanding machine to attain specified size and finish.

  • 4) Verifies finished size, using templates.

  • 5) Operates sanding machine to sand heel area of last to remove excess material, form heel, and establish specified length of last.

  • 6) Verifies last length, using gauge.

  • 7) Replaces worn sandpaper belts on sanding machines.

  • 8) May draw last bottom outline, using sole pattern and pencil.

  • 9) May specialize on one part of last and be designated Heel Grinder; Toe Stripper.




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End Of Job Description for: "LAST TRIMMER"
DOT:   669.682-054

Job Number: 5743