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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates pattern grading machine to cut out paper last patterns for shoe sizes of specified style and cuts out steel patterns for use in manufacturing shoe lasts: Positions customer's last pattern on steel sheet, scribes line around pattern, and cuts along line with metal snips to form steel cutting pattern.

  • 2) Secures pattern on table of grading machine.

  • 3) Adjusts reduction scale of machine to cut specified size paper patterns.

  • 4) Inserts cutting tool and stylus into ends of pantograph arm of machine.

  • 5) Starts machine, turns gear to advance uncut pattern paper from roll into position under cutting tool and lowers stylus to starting point on steel pattern.

  • 6) Guides stylus around pattern, observing action of cutting tool to correct cutting irregularities.

  • 7) Measures paper pattern cut by machine against original pattern to verify reproduction of size and shape.

  • 8) Repeats machine operations to cut out specified number of patterns of given size.

  • 9) Readjusts reduction scale and repeats cutting operation to produce all pattern sizes specified for prescribed shoe style.

  • 10) Staples, tapes, or glues specified sized heel patterns to last patterns when making patterns for LAST-MODEL MAKER.

  • 11) May cut insole patterns to customer specifications for use in shoe factories.




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