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Job Description:

  • 1) Shapes wood blocks into shoe last models according to specifications and diagrams, using copy lathe and handtools: Lays out and cuts specified size and shape templates for use in constructing last models and to verify dimensions and contour of finished last models, using scribe, measuring instruments, and razor cutter.

  • 2) Procures last model with backpart having same size and shapes as that specified on order.

  • 3) Mounts last model and wood block in copy lathe that automatically turns down end of block to match backpart of last model.

  • 4) Removes model and partially turned wood block from lathe and measures model and block at prescribed points to verify duplication.

  • 5) Clamps partially turned block in vise.

  • 6) Shapes toe area to specified size and contour, using files, drawknives, spokeshaves, sandpaper, and glass.

  • 7) Verifies contour and size with templates and sole patterns.

  • 8) Sands last model to specified size and finish.

  • 9) Hammers tacks along edges to protect model from wear on copy lathes.

  • 10) Files tack heads flush with last.

  • 11) May shape new last models from wood blocks, plastic, or leather, using handtools only, when last models of identical backpart specifications are not available.

  • 12) May specialize in fashioning and fabricating last models for shoe heels or shoe soles.




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