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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks in slaughtering and meat packing establishment: Holds meat while it is being cut.

  • 2) Straightens and washes carcasses or parts on conveyor lines.

  • 3) Distributes meat to various work areas for further processing, using cart.

  • 4) Scrapes excess meat from surfaces of filled casings, such as sausages and bologna, and hangs them on conveyor racks.

  • 5) Pushes conveyor racks, hanging attachments, and meat carts, to various departments.

  • 6) Unloads smoked meats from conveyor racks and weighs, stamps, and tags them.

  • 7) Removes empty trolleys from overhead rail and places them in chute or onto other rails.

  • 8) Trucks empty ham molds to washing machines for cleaning process.

  • 9) Loads meat onto conveyor racks, carts, worktables, or trucks, using hook.

  • 10) Transports offal from killing floor to rendering room and dumps offal into tankage cookers.

  • 11) Weighs and sacks rendered inedible offal.

  • 12) Fills ice trucks, using shovel.

  • 13) Stacks cartons of meat products on pallets or trucks and moves load to shipping or storage areas, using hand or power operated truck.

  • 14) Pushes meat through spray cabinet to wash meat.

  • 15) Washes equipment and utensils, using water hose and spray cabinet.

  • 16) Sweeps and washes railroad refrigeration cars.

  • 17) May cut specific parts such as hooves or tendons, using knife.




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