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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following duties to store, move, treat, and process wood products in wood-preserving plant: Piles wood products, such as ties, piling, poles, and fence posts, on trams, by hand or by use of overhead hoist.

  • 2) Inserts wooden strips to bind and space load, and shapes load to fit cylinder retort.

  • 3) Chains or bolts down tram loads, using wrenches and fasteners.

  • 4) Bolts and unbolts doors of retorts with hand or pneumatic wrench.

  • 5) Pulls loads in and out of retorts, using winch.

  • 6) Drills test-bores in treated or untreated wood with hand drill.

  • 7) Opens and closes valves for operating retort.

  • 8) Loads and unloads wood materials from railroad cars, trucks, and barges.

  • 9) Moves and positions timbers and piling in framing or pole yard.

  • 10) Feeds woodstock into various machines that adz, bore, cut, incise, or peel it; and removes processed material by hand or by use of hoist.

  • 11) Burns identification markings in poles, using branding iron.

  • 12) May be designated according to duties performed as Adzing-and-Boring-Machine Helper; Cross-Tie-Tram Loader; Tie Handler; Wincher.




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