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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks involved in manufacture of tin cans: Opens bales of tinplate, using cutters.

  • 2) Removes rust spots, oil stains, or other surface accumulations, from sheets of tinplate, using steel wool, scouring powder, or cloths soaked in alcohol.

  • 3) Straightens bent or dented tinplate with mallet.

  • 4) Places cans and lids on paint racks, prior to painting process and removes painted items from racks for shipping.

  • 5) Supplies packing-line workers with packing materials.

  • 6) Places units, such as handles and cleats on flux pads and positions nozzles and solder strips on cans on conveyors that pass into ovens used to join items to cans.

  • 7) Packs cans or lids in cardboard containers by hand or using packing machine, or bulk-packs cans in railroad cars or transport trucks with handtools.

  • 8) Lines railroad cars or trucks with paper and installs bulkheads for bulk loading.

  • 9) Sorts cans according to size and type.

  • 10) Feeds flattened can bodies through reforming machine to straighten them.

  • 11) Seals containers with tape, staples, and bands or feeds filled containers through glue machine.

  • 12) Repairs, relabels, and collapses used cartons for subsequent use.

  • 13) Wraps pallet loads of cans with cardboard and paper.

  • 14) Stacks, moves, or loads cans, containers, materials, and supplies around areas of plant by hand, truck, or cart.

  • 15) May inspect units for obvious defects and discard defective items.

  • 16) May be designated according to work assigned as Bag Sealer; Can-Reforming-Machine Operator; Can Stacker; Cleaner.




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