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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs variety of tasks in establishment manufacturing concrete products: Ties strip of cloth around bell of freshly cast concrete pipe to maintain circular shape of bell during curing.

  • 2) Arranges pipe in storage yard and stacks pipe for shipment.

  • 3) Places rubber gaskets on pipe.

  • 4) Stacks concrete blocks on pallets for removal by forklift truck.

  • 5) Feeds concrete blocks into block-breaking machine or abrasive saw to shape blocks.

  • 6) Immerses chimney flue liner sections in sealing compound.

  • 7) Brushes stone facings to remove loose material, applies acid solution, using brush to remove concrete around stones, and washes acid from stone, using water hose.

  • 8) Repairs defects in concrete surfaces, using mortar or grout and trowel, and smooths rough spots, using chisel and abrasive stone.

  • 9) Opens gates of railroad cars to allow materials to flow into storage chutes.

  • 10) Loads, unloads, and moves cement, sand, and gravel to work areas, using wheelbarrow, handtruck, or industrial truck.

  • 11) Cleans yard and plant, using shovel, broom, and water hose, and performs other duties as assigned.

  • 12) May be designated according to specific duties performed as Acid Cutter; Bell Tier; Block Breaker; Block Cuber; Flue-Lining Dipper; Rough Patcher; Yarder.




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End Of Job Description for: "LABORER, CONCRETE PLANT"
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Job Number: 5630