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Job Description:

  • 1) Makes and cures cheese, performing any combination of following tasks: Cuts curd with knife or harp or separates curd with scoop to release whey and firm curd.

  • 2) Pushes curd to back of vat or center of kettle with rake.

  • 3) Inserts strainer in vat or kettle outlet, assembles pipe or hose, and turns valve to drain whey.

  • 4) Pulls dip cloth through kettle to remove curd, or banks curd to side of vat with hands or rake to drain residual whey and mat curd.

  • 5) Stretches matted curd in hot water, using paddle, and cuts, weighs, and hand molds resulting elastic curd to make Italian cheeses.

  • 6) Cuts matted curd into measured slabs, piles slabs into banks, and turns them over periodically to obtain specified acidity and moisture.

  • 7) Feeds slabs into mill that cuts curd into cubes.

  • 8) Spreads specified amount of salt over cubes.

  • 9) Scoops, weighs, and dumps curd into assembled cheese hoops with bucket.

  • 10) Places hoops in automatic press, turns screw of wooden handpress or places and turns filled molds on wheying table to remove whey and shape cheese.

  • 11) Dumps molded cheese into brine tank and turns it periodically or wets and rolls cheese in salt bed to flavor cheese and develop rind.

  • 12) Hangs cheese in rope basket or places, turns, and raises cheese to varying shelf levels in temperature controlled or smoked room to develop flavor, texture, eye formation and body, and to dry cheese surface.

  • 13) Pierces cheese or smears with cultured wash to promote mold growth.

  • 14) Wipes surface with grease or oil to soften rind and stop mold growth.

  • 15) Stamps cheese with date, vat, and company number.

  • 16) Wraps cheese in foil and places in wood or paper box.

  • 17) May be designated according to working area as Brine-Room Laborer; Cellar Laborer.




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End Of Job Description for: "LABORER, CHEESEMAKING"
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