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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks related to cultivating, growing, and harvesting or gathering shellfish, finfish, amphibians, and other marine life: Stakes or fences ponds and growing areas following specified pattern to lay out planting bed.

  • 2) Sows spat on sea bottom and covers with sand and shell mixture.

  • 3) Patrols shrimp ponds and tidal pens on foot or by motorboat to detect presence of predators.

  • 4) Transfers finfish from tanks to rearing ponds, using dip net.

  • 5) Scatters food over growing area by hand or using blower.

  • 6) Wades in water or drives boat to harvest area.

  • 7) Collects marine life, using gill net, brail, shovel, or tongs.

  • 8) Rigs and lowers dredge baskets, using block and tackle, and raises to empty catch.

  • 9) Picks out marketable marine life and places in container, returning illegal catch to sea.

  • 10) Packs and ices catch for shipment.

  • 11) Unloads catch from boat deck, using conveyor, basket, or shovel.

  • 12) Strings empty oyster shells on wire or places in basket.

  • 13) Cleans ponds and tanks, and repairs screens, retaining walls, and fences.

  • 14) Removes debris, seaweed, and predators from water to maintain growing area.

  • 15) May be designated according to type of marine life worked as Clam-Bed Laborer; Fish Hatchery Laborer; Oyster-Bed Laborer; Shrimp Pond Laborer.




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