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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests textile fibers and yarn at any stage in yarn-manufacturing process to determine conformance to standards: Collects samples from machines, gathers samples from carts, or receives samples at work station.

  • 2) Records information regarding samples on company forms, and identifies samples with tags prior to testing.

  • 3) Computes twists per inch in yarn samples, using formula and readings from twist counter.

  • 4) Feeds yarn, roving, or sliver into evenness tester that detects and records variations in weight on printout sheet.

  • 5) Winds specified length of yarn onto skein winder and removes skeins from winder.

  • 6) Weighs skeins of yarn on balance scale and obtains yarn number from dial or chart.

  • 7) Breaks individual strands or skeins of yarn with break tester to determine strength of yarn.

  • 8) Winds yarn on black panel for inspection, compares evenness and number of slubs and neps in yarn with standard photographs, and assigns grade.

  • 9) Weighs fiber sample on balance scale before and after drying and determines percentage of water content by computation or by consulting chart.

  • 10) Records results of tests, compares results with company standards, and reports variations from standards to lab supervisor or MANAGER, QUALITY CONTROL.

  • 11) Records waste produced by departments.

  • 12) May receive defective yarn returned by customer and test yarn to determine whether company purchased defective materials, defects occurred during company processing, or customer caused defects to occur.

  • 13) May perform standardized chemical tests to determine amount of oil or size in yarn.

  • 14) May be designated according to specialty as Yarn-Weight-And-Strength Tester.




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