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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs standardized physical and chemical tests on materials and supplies used throughout power system to ensure compliance with specifications: Tests water used in boilers of steam generating plant for alkalinity and silica and phosphate content, using colorimeter and spectrophotometer.

  • 2) Notifies POWER-PLANT OPERATOR or AUXILIARY-EQUIPMENT OPERATOR of amount of chemical additives required to bring water to prescribed level of purity.

  • 3) Tests coal to determine Btu content by burning coal samples in colorimeter.

  • 4) Tests oil used in circuit breakers for dielectric strength by placing sample of oil in ceramic cup positioned between two electrodes, and measuring current conducted by oil, using ohmmeter.

  • 5) Ascertains heat resisting qualities of insulating paints and varnishes by coating pieces of sheet metal with paint and varnish and subjecting them to high temperatures.

  • 6) May determine viscosity index of lubricating oils, using viscosimeter.

  • 7) May inspect rubber protective equipment, such as aprons, gloves, and blankets for flaws.




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