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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls dry kilns to dry lumber to specified moisture content: Measures moisture content of lumber preparatory to drying, using moisture meter, or cuts, weighs, and places lumber samples in curing oven and reweighs samples periodically as they are drying to determine rate and percentage of moisture reduction.

  • 2) Determines drying cycle and schedule, considering factors such as species, dimensions, and quantity of lumber to be dried, initial moisture content of lumber, or moisture reduction rate of lumber samples.

  • 3) Presses buttons or turns valves and control knobs to activate, control, and record temperature, humidity, and ventilation of dry kilns.

  • 4) Reads recording gauges and weighs lumber samples periodically during seasoning process, and readjusts temperature and humidity controls to regulate moisture reduction rate and avoid damage to lumber.

  • 5) Measures moisture content of lumber at completion of drying cycle, using moisture meter, to ensure that specified amount of moisture has been removed.

  • 6) Maintains records of species, dimensions, and footage of lumber dried, and initial and final moisture content of lumber.

  • 7) Changes graphs on pen-graph recorders as required.

  • 8) May direct workers engaged in loading lumber onto kiln cars, placing cars in kilns, and removing dried lumber from kilns.




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Job Number: 5548