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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks to assist JOINER in constructing and repairing wooden and plastic parts of vessels, such as cabin paneling, cabinets, and deck structures: Cuts wooden battens to specified size, using portable power saw.

  • 2) Attaches battens to bulkheads, using glue, screws, and powered screwdriver.

  • 3) Cuts mahogany, oak, or birch paneling to specified size, and holds paneling in place while JOINER secures paneling to battens.

  • 4) Cuts insulating or sound-absorbing material, such as fiberglass, cork, or felt, into specified shape, following templates or oral directions and using shears, rules, knives, and straightedge.

  • 5) Hammers retaining holders into studs to hold insulation in place, and tapes seams of insulation to obtain smooth joint.

  • 6) Spreads rubber or plastic cement on decks to be covered with tile or linoleum.

  • 7) Cuts tile or linoleum to fit in corners and around equipment, using cutting tools.

  • 8) Applies glue to joints or edges of cabinet or furniture parts, using brush, assembles parts together, and places assembled parts in clamps until glue has dried.

  • 9) Covers tables and desks with laminated plastic covering material.

  • 10) Smooths boat surfaces to remove defects, such as ridges, tool marks, glue, and excess caulking material, using hand sander.




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Job Number: 5508