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Job Description:

  • 1) Keeps hotel, office building, apartment house, or similar building in clean and orderly condition and tends furnace, air-conditioner, and boiler to provide heat, cool air, and hot water for tenants, performing any combination of following duties: Sweeps, mops, scrubs, and vacuums hallways, stairs and office space.

  • 2) Regulates flow of fuel into automatic furnace or shovels coal into hand-fired furnace.

  • 3) Empties tenants' trash and garbage containers.

  • 4) Maintains building, performing minor and routine painting, plumbing, electrical wiring, and other related maintenance activities, using handtools.

  • 5) Replaces air-conditioner filters.

  • 6) Cautions tenants regarding complaints about excessive noise, disorderly conduct, or misuse of property.

  • 7) Notifies management concerning need for major repairs or additions to lighting, heating, and ventilating equipment.

  • 8) Cleans snow and debris from sidewalk.

  • 9) Mows lawn, trims shrubbery, and cultivates flowers, using handtools and power tools.

  • 10) Posts signs to advertise vacancies and shows empty apartments to prospective tenants.

  • 11) May reside on property and be designated Manager, Resident.




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