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Job Description:

  • 1) Supervises and coordinates activities of jail staff: Establishes rules, regulations, and procedures to be executed by JAILERS.

  • 2) Prepares work schedules and assigns duties.

  • 3) Reviews commitment orders of new inmates to ensure that legal requirements are met.

  • 4) Classifies and segregates inmates according to status, such as pretrial, under-sentence, or witness.

  • 5) Communicates with court officials to ensure availability of inmates for trials or hearings.

  • 6) Escorts inmates to courts, hospitals, and other correctional institutions.

  • 7) Schedules visits of medical personnel to treat inmates.

  • 8) Directs search of inmates and all areas for contraband.

  • 9) Inspects facilities for cleanliness.

  • 10) Selects trustees for special work assignments.

  • 11) Accepts and records bail and fine payments, issues receipts, and arranges for release of inmates.

  • 12) Prepares reports concerning inmate population and jail functions, as required by law.

  • 13) Writes daily activity reports for superiors.

  • 14) Maintains financial records for use in budget preparation.

  • 15) Prepares requisitions for commissary, clothing, and housekeeping supplies.

  • 16) Evaluates work of subordinates and takes disciplinary measures for inefficiency or violation of regulations.

  • 17) Maintains personnel records of subordinates.




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