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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates machines and equipment to package, store, and convey irradiated fuel elements in underwater storage basin of nuclear reactor plant: Operates crane to pull tram cars along underwater track and position cars under discharge outlets of nuclear reactor to be loaded with irradiated fuel elements.

  • 2) Pulls loaded tram cars from discharge outlets to mechanism that automatically tilts cars to unload irradiated elements onto underwater table.

  • 3) Manipulates handgrips of mechanical arms to place fuel elements into baskets and operates crane to transfer baskets to prepackaging storage area.

  • 4) Moves specified baskets from prepackaging storage area to packaging area and unloads baskets of irradiated elements onto packaging machine that automatically inserts fuel elements into canisters and secures lids on canisters.

  • 5) Operates crane to transfer loaded canisters to two-year, underwater, storage cubicles.

  • 6) Records number of canisters in each cubicle.

  • 7) Operates crane to remove specified canisters from storage, transfer canisters to lead cask, raise lead shipping cask to surface, and load cask onto railroad car for shipment.




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