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Job Description:

  • 1) Investigates regulated activities to assure compliance with federal, state, or municipal laws: Locates and interviews plaintiffs, witnesses, or representatives of business or government to gather facts relating to alleged violation.

  • 2) Observes conditions to verify facts indicating violation of law relating to such activities as revenue collection, employment practices, or fraudulent benefit claims.

  • 3) Examines business, personal, or public records and documents to establish facts and authenticity of data.

  • 4) Investigates character of applicant for special license or permit.

  • 5) Investigates suspected misuses of license or permit.

  • 6) Prepares correspondence and reports of investigations for use by administrative or legal authorities.

  • 7) Testifies in court or at administrative proceedings concerning findings of investigation.

  • 8) May serve legal papers.

  • 9) May be required to meet licensing or certification standards established by regulatory agency concerned.

  • 10) May be designated according to function or agency where employed as Inspector, Weights And Measures; Investigator, Internal Revenue; Investigator, Welfare; Postal Inspector; Investigator, Claims.




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