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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates machine to wind insulating material, such as tape, yarn, and cloth around electric wire and cable: Loads reel of wire onto machine spindle and threads wire between metal and felt cleaning strips, through tank of liquid adhesive, and through taping mechanism.

  • 2) Fastens wire to takeup reel.

  • 3) Winds end of insulating material around wire and starts machine.

  • 4) Observes automatic wrapping of material around wire to detect broken or loose wrapping or uneven winding of wire on reel.

  • 5) Stops machine to repair breaks, adjust guides, and replenish supply of insulating material and liquid adhesive.

  • 6) Forms continuous wire by clamping ends of wire to be joined in electrodes of electric brazing torch, turning on current, and holding filler rod to heated wire ends.

  • 7) Measures wire with micrometer to determine that insulation meets specifications.

  • 8) Wraps paper around full wire reels, attaches identification tag, and lifts reel from machine.

  • 9) May operate machine, equipped with winding device, to wrap protective metal strip over insulation.

  • 10) May thread insulated wire through melted paraffin and polishing wipers to make insulation waterproof.

  • 11) May be designated according to insulating material applied as Paper-Wrapping-Machine Operator; Varnish-Cambric-Covering-Machine Operator; or type of machine operated as Double-Lay-Winder-And-Paraffin-Unit Operator; Tandem-Taping-And-Paper-Wrapping-Machine Operator.




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DOT:   691.682-018

Job Number: 5383