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Job Description:

  • 1) Devises, selects, sets up, and operates electronic instrumentation and related electromechanical or electrohydraulic apparatus used for operational and environmental testing of mechanical, structural, or electrical equipment, and translates test data for engineering personnel to formulate engineering design and evaluation decisions: Selects, installs, calibrates, and checks sensing, telemetering, and recording instrumentation and circuitry, and develops specifications for nonstandard apparatus according to engineering data, characteristics of equipment under test, and capabilities of procurable test apparatus.

  • 2) Sketches and builds or modifies jigs, fixtures, and instruments and related apparatus, and verifies dimensional and functional acceptability of devices fabricated by craft or technical personnel.

  • 3) Performs preventive and corrective maintenance of test apparatus and peripheral equipment.

  • 4) Installs or directs technical personnel in installation of unit in test chamber or other test facility.

  • 5) Operates test apparatus during test cycle to produce, regulate, and record effects of actual or simulated conditions, such as vibration, stress, temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, and acceleration.

  • 6) Analyzes and converts test data to usable form, using mathematical formulas, and prepares graphs and written reports to translate test results.

  • 7) May plan test program.

  • 8) May use computerized equipment and software to perform testing functions and produce graphs.

  • 9) May be designated according to equipment tested as Rocket-Control Technician; or according to nature of test as Environmental-Research Test Technician; Vibration Technician.




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DOT:   003.261-010

Job Number: 5376