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Job Description:

  • 1) Teaches sport activity to individual or groups at private or public recreational facility or school: Explains and demonstrates use of apparatus and equipment.

  • 2) Explains and demonstrates principles, techniques, and methods of regulating movement of body, hands, or feet to achieve proficiency in activity.

  • 3) Observes students during practice to detect and correct mistakes.

  • 4) Explains and enforces safety rules and regulations.

  • 5) Explains method of keeping score.

  • 6) May organize and conduct competition and tournaments.

  • 7) May participate in competition to demonstrate skill.

  • 8) May purchase, display, sell, maintain, or repair equipment.

  • 9) May keep record of receipts and expenditures.

  • 10) May lecture on history and purpose of sport.

  • 11) Workers are identified according to sport instructed, such as golf, fencing, or tennis.




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